Details On Jeff Koinange’s Health And Who Infected Him With Covid-19


Citizen Television fans experienced unusual show as the JKL host came as the visitor, in a close interview with Victoria Rubadili Jeff Koinange Revealed that he is not dispaying symptoms after he was tested for the Covid-19 virus.
But he stated that he has started loosing taste and appetite for food since he was first tested for the Flu.
“Folks, this thing is real… you can gerrit, I have gorrit, we all can gerrit” Koinange Jeff Asserted.
The Citizen Television presenter Jeff Koinange remarked that he contracted the disease from a guest who had visited Hot 96 show. He didn’t reveal the person who spread it to him but said that he got to discover that he was positive after thorough contact tracing.

Jeff remarked that he is having tough time since he was used to waking up very early in the morning for the Hot-96 breakfast show.
“Even in isolation that beaming smile radiates. @KoinangeJeff how many times have you seen a host turn up as a guest on his own show? #JKLive @citizentvkenya” Victoria Lubadiri tweeted.
Here is how Kenyans reacted
“We are hopping for God’s intervention…with Him nothing is impossible…I wish you all the best as you fight this covid-19 Jeff….be bold it’s just like homa na itaisha,” Adika Stephen asserted.
Peter Biko said, “Following Jeff’s a chapter a day,@KoinangeJeff you have overcome a lot of more difficult things this too will come to pass.Such a smile shows you’re still strong.”
Mike Hamo said, “When the strongest men like @koinangejeff get this virus I do not know what more proof DO KENYAN’S NEED.This thing is real.”


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