Details Leaks; Why Schools Are Witnessing Low Number Of Learners As Learning Resumes

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Kenyan learners reporting back to school.

Kenyan schools are set to witness low numbers of learners as learning resumes. The Education Ministry had set January 4 2020 as the official opening dates for schools in the whole country.

Reports coming out of most media outlets indicated that there were low turnouts of learners in various schools countrywide. The first day of school was expected to have less students show up but the situation seems grim.

One of the reasons why the numbers were low is the economic hardships that the parents had to go through. The Covid19 pandemic was disastrous to most of them with a significant number losing their sources of income. This caused them to find ways to meet basic needs only while forgetting about issues like school fees.

The resumption of studies of grade 4, class 8 and Form 4 students later in 2020 provided a blueprint for what was to be expected in January of 2021. Most students, however, did not get sent back home due to feed as directed by the Education Ministry back then.

This year was a different story as teachers insisted that learners needed to come back with school fees. Other expenses such as masks and Sanitizers were also added to the already ballooning budget which caused a problem for most parents.

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Private schools took the hardest hit as some of them ended up being demolished or occupied due to failure to pay rent. The disruption of learning had most of these schools facing difficult financial situations.

The transition of students into different schools is also another problem that the pandemic caused. The relocation of families due to loss of jobs was one of the major causes of learners failing to resume studies at their former schools.

Reporting of learners is set to continue through the week but the numbers so far are not promising.

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