Home News Details About MP Babu Owino’s Impeachment Emerges

Details About MP Babu Owino’s Impeachment Emerges

Details About MP Babu Owino’s Impeachment Emerges
PHOTO: Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Details To Impeach Embakasi MP Babu Owino Has Emerged Following the inhumane tragedy he involved against DJ Evolve. It’s reportedly that MP Babu Owino shot DJ Evolve in one of the night club in Nairobi. DJ Evolve is currently undergoing treatment in hospital.

In an interview done by ntv in hospital, where DJ Evolve is admitted, He asserted that he has submitted the matter to God despite of challenges he’s Undergoing. However, her mother disclosed the suffering they are encountering in line with the inhumane tragedy against his son.

PHOTO: DJ Evolve

However, Kenyans have outbursts their reaction asserting MP Babu Owino to be impeached Following the inhumane action he Succeeded against DJ Evolve. It twitter reactions, fierce Kenyan stated that he’s willing to draft a petition for the removal of MP Babu Owino. In the tweet Robi Chacha claimed that Babu Owino should be impeached as per article 104 and the elections act.

Robi Chacha further depicts his surelty of mobilizing the requirement of 30 per cent from the constituency and 15 per cent from the wards for succession of Babu Owino’s Impeachment. However, the matter seems to be supported by the agitated Kenyans who reacted in diverse ways.

“Anyone here who is regestered voter in Embakasi East ? I’m willing to draft a petition for the removal of Babu Owino as MP as per article 104 & the Election act. I’m sure we can Mobilize the required 30% (in constituency) and 15% (in ward). Who’s In?, ” Robi Chacha pinned

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” Please go ahead yesterday was Sharon, her unborn baby and governor Obado, today is Babu Owino and DJ Evolve we don’t know who’s next this “animals” will destroy us all if we remain quite,” Harun Mbugua reacts

” This incredibly wise idea, I hope the Embakasi residents backup this fight against impunity and brutality. Every Kenyan Citizen is entitled the right to live whatsoever. go ahead my fellow Patriots , I’m ready to mobilize the threshold,” Moses Kipkoech supports

”We have to face the reality the sycpophancy in Kenya is beyond comprehension!! Look at the case of Waiguru some sychophants were rejoicing That she was let go,,Try that in Embakasi the constituents will come out in arms defending their beloved son,” maasaigal reacts

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