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Curfew To End And Other Covid-19 Restrictions Ahead Of Uhuru’s Address To The Nation

Job Maangi



Photo: President Uhuru kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his last address to the nation urged Kenyans to take precaution against the deadly Corona virus pandemic.

Kenyans are anxious since restrictions that president put in place to curb the spread of Corona virus in country are coming to an end today.

The government suspended all political gatherings and rallies for a period of 60 days and said that anyone wishing to hold such meetings should do so in town halls and must observe all COVID protocols, including limiting the attendees to one-third seating capacity of the hall.

On forth of November president Uhuru Kenyatta further extended the nationwide curfew to 3rd January, 2021, the curfew started to enforced between 10.00 pm and 04.00 am.

The bars, restaurants and other establishments were required to be closed from 9pm to give room for the enforcement of the Curfew.

“To enforce compliance at both the National and County level, I, direct that the Ministry of Interior constitutes a Special Enforcement Unit made up of the National Police Service, National Government Administration Officers and supplemented by the County Government inspectorate units to jointly enforce compliance to COVID Protocols,” President Uhuru Kenyatta asserted.

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He passed tough guidelines concerning social distancing and wearing of masks that resulted to the arrest of very many people.

The government is set to issue an address to further review the protocols as the deadly covid 19 is still with us.

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