Counties That Has Made President Uhuru Not To Reopen The Economy Amidst Covid-19

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta

It’s reportedly that President Uhuru Kenyatta might hestate to reopen the economy soon due to the failure to meet the requirement Decleared in a bid to cater for covid-19 pandemic. President Uhuru Kenyatta had asserted that each county should at least have a capacity of 300 beds in isolation facilities to cater for covid-19 patients.


However, it has been spotted that some counties have not yet met the requirements as per president Uhuru Kenyatta in a fight against covid-19. The county of Siaya and Kirinyaga have been on spot as the counties that are lagging behind in meeting the requirement. Reports ascertains that the county of Siaya has 19 beds in isolation facilities where by the county of Kirinyaga reportedly to have only 14 beds in isolation center.

On the reports,Kenyans have accused the duo counties for failing to meet the requirements. Siaya county Governor has been Accused for building his own white house instead of setting aside isolation beds for covid-19 patients.As recorded, Siaya county has only 19 beds out of the targeted 300 as per president’s Directives.

PunguzaMizigoKenya, “And how many ICU or isolation beds have you secured for the people of Siaya?,”
Selvenus Gesabo,”Should the president reopen Tomorrow. Counties are not yet prepared the likes of Siaya and Kirinyanga counties.”

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Selvenus Gesabo Replying to @NelsonHavi, “Siaya governor is busy contracting a white house instead of setting a side isolation beds for covid-19 treatment. Siaya county has only 19/300 target beds from the president directive.”

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