Controversial Senator Sakaja Resigns And Apologizes For Flouting The Curfew Hours

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has resurfaces after reports emerged that he had been arrested and detained for flouting the Covid-19 containment rules. Of particular concern was that the senator had been arrested while at an entertainment joint making merry way past the 9pm curfew time. An allegation which he now seems to be agreeing with. Accompanied by his team of lawyers, senator Sakaja presented himself at the Kilimani police station, from where he recorded his statement with the police officers.

And after which he spoke to the press and apologized to Nairobians and all Kenyans for flouting the issued curfew orders by president Uhuru Kenyatta. He further revealed that he had  also resigned forthwith as the chairman of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Covid-19. A decision he had made out of his own volition;

“I am not a fugitive…why send more than 50 officers to my home. I am not on the run.

“I wish to state that I have resigned from the Ad-hoc committee on COVID-19 which I have been chairing,” he revealed.

“I will be appearing in court tomorrow and the entire course of the law will be followed…if it is to be fined or to be jailed, the law applies to me like any other Kenyan.

“I take responsibility for having flouted the COVID-19 rules, I was outside my home past 9PM…It is regrettable but all of us make mistakes,” added a seemingly remorseful Sakaja.

This now puts to bed the widespread speculations about him that have been making rounds on all social media platforms for the better part of the weekend. Speculations which generated widespread criticisms towards the lawmaker, all the while casting the limelight at politicians who seem to be going against set containment protocols at their own will.

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