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Comedian Flaqo Finally Gets His YouTube Channel Back

Melinda Venessa



Photo: Comedian Flaqo

Popular Kenyan comedian Flaqo Raz born Erastus had been at the receiving end of it ever since YouTube terminated his channel over alleged copyright issues in mid October having concluded that his channel had been linked to a channel that had been disabled for having three copyright strikes. This of course left him depressed and broken since he had put so much energy and effort in his content creations that he gave his 100%.



With his content revolving around an African setting with African parents and their particular behavior or characters, his art comprised of impersonation of characters like Baba Otis, Mama Otis, and their child Otis which of course most people related with.

With his great personality, great piece of art and massive love from fans, Flaqo had amassed well over 200k subscribers on his channel, and he had just recently been awarded by YouTube a silver plaque after hitting the 100k subscribers mark, with his content well received by fans garnering so many views. This of course had been a great milestone for him also earning him endorsements from big companies. It’s no lie he had been bagging a good amount of cash from his content creation.

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Being an internet sensation and someone who netizens couldn’t get enough of, his haters were trying so hard to bring him down and they thought that they had succeeded at it having frustrated him and spreading malice about his content just to see him fail and go back to scratch.

To all his enemies of progress, Flaqo’s comeback is now stronger than ever after his channel has been given back by YouTube and he is all smiley faces, and excited and over the moon with his die-hard fans cheering him on. His success story is real, and he went on to pass a message to his haters.

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