City Pastor Warns Khalighraph Of A Looming Curse


A Popular Nairobi Pastor, founder of House of Hope Church located in Kayole, Pastor Godfrey Migwi recently lashed out at Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones for Mocking and ridiculing God. The man of cloth took to Facebook faulting the kama ni ngori hitmaker for donning religious attire while singing secular songs. According to the pastor, the OG was attracting curses upon his life and his future generations because he had decided to mock God.

“Use of clergy clothing for entertainment more so for secular songs and for personal gain is totally wrong and it’s time for change. For your information, this is the highest level of insult as far as the body of Christ is concerned,” read the post in part.


He further added that it’s a fact that local entertainers are after fame and money and that does not mean that they can get away with anything just to fulfill their goals, including ridiculing God.

“I know you are after fame and money but you are completely lost! Mark my words. You better repent and break the curses. God is never mocked. Woe unto you and the generations to come after you,” posted Migwi.

The cleric further asked Khaligraph Jones to take the religious clothing to the nearest Bishop and ask for forgiveness from God for what he had done stating that church ministers have to earn the right first by undergoing certain rituals before they are allowed to wear clergy clothing. To illustrate his point, the pastor quoted and shared a number of scriptures from the Bible where Kings lost their kingdoms after playing with attire meant for priests. Quoting from the book of Daniel chapter five and 2 Chronicles 26:16, king Belzashazzar and king Uzzia got punished by God for wrongly using robes provided for priests.

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