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Citizen Tv Willis Raburu Deconstructed By Kenyans After His Gengetone Festival Backfired Terribly

Melinda Venessa



Photo: Citizen TV Journalist and Kalale hit maker Willis Raburu

Popular and wild Citizen TV journalist Willis Raburu has recently been ridiculed by Kenyans on Twitter after his much-hyped gengetone festival event at Machakos People’s Park badly disappointed fans after the event attracted only a handful of fans. This was a much anticipated event which had earlier on been set for April before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the event had to be suspended till further notice. The event was finally set to go down on Saturday October 31st but fans had no idea about the disappointment awaiting them.

Taking to his IG TV, Willis went on to speak up about the hyped festival’s mess and what went on behind the scenes. Sadly, the event had turned out to be a disappointment with only a handful of fans turning up and not being able to see and enjoy any of the performances even after Willis had hyped the crowd with his new dreadlock hairstyle. With the curfew hours starting at 11pm, none of the gengetone artists had graced the stage to perform as at 8pm with the event set to end by 9 o’clock.

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An angry and irritated Willis went on to rant on his Instagram calling out the event organizers for taking advantage of the artists and not paying them even a dime before the performance, and so he told the artists not to get on stage nor perform. It seems like the organizers had planned on leaving the artists high and dry after their performance with fake promises of paying the afterwards which didn’t seem to go well with them. They felt irritated, used and wasted. The organizers had paid the event suppliers and engineers before the actual event but we’re hesitant on paying the artists before their performances since they had I’ll intentions. An angry and bitter Willis went on to term that as immoral.

Honestly, every artist’s hustle must be respected and just like those international artists, they have to be paid fully prior to their performances. No artist should accept to be fooled around and taken for granted. Don’t just pay artists, pay them their worth! On the other hand, Kenyans on Twitter went on to roast Willis after the failed event with some saying that he was larger than the crowd in Machakos.

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