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Chinese Engineer Pulled Out Of The Way For Denying CAS Wavinya Ndeti Access To Likoni Footbridge Project

Shadrack Olaka





The Chinese engineer who denied Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti from accessing the Likoni footbridge project for inspection has been forced out.

The engineer was standing at the gate of the project when the government officials the CAS, Mvita DCC Charles Monari and other officers walked into the premises. He said he won’t let them in mainly because he wasn’t aware of their visit.

His argument is that he was the chief engineer and had no information on Wavinya Ndeti’s visit to the project.

However, Charles Monari DCC for MVITA forcefully pushed him out of the way for CAS to access the premise.

In a video, the Chinese national who identified himself as the chief engineer of the project, could not grant them access into the project because he didn’t even know where they had come from.

”Where do you come from? I am the chief engineer of this project!” he said.
When Mvita DCC asked him what the problem was, he replied;

“The issue is you did not inform me you were coming.”

This irritated the Mvita DCC who asked him why he was not respecting the transport ministry official and further called on the officers that had accompanied them to take the engineer out of the way.

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The officers were a bit reluctant to forcefully remove him from their way and DCC Monari pulled the Chinese man out of the way by his hands, pushing him to the back.

The crowd could not afford to hold the laughter at the unfolding drama as the gates were opened for the CAS allowing her to do her job.

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