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Celebration After Covid-19 Vaccine Major Announcement

Job Maangi



Corona virus pandemic has brought the whole world to it’s knees; the economies have been crippled, schools, Churches and other essential facilities affected.

Despite of the various nations re-opening the economies they were forced to close down over a surge in the number of the Infections.

The second wave of the Covid virus has brought more harm than the first wave as many people in the Countries that had not experienced the reality of the first wave being worse affected.

The only hope that the whole world has at the moment is that we might get a vaccine or cure that will help in eliminating the disease from the face of the Earth.

On Monday United States’ top infectious disease scientist gave the whole world a relief when he announced that the results from Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine are very promising and impressive.

During an Interview with AFP, Antony Fauci revealed that the injections that they made on a volunteers protected almost 70 to 75% people from becoming sick.

He revealed that the fact that the vaccine has proven to be 94.5 % effective is a great boost to the ailling health sectors in the world.

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“This results are from an emphatic validation of experimental mRNA technology that some people have doubted,” Antony Fauci remarked.
Fauci heads the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) which started a collaboration with the US biotech company in developing a possible vaccine.

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