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Catherine Nyokabi’s Last Words Revealed As The Lover Makes A Major Confession

Job Maangi



Photo: Catherine Nyokabi with the Lover Evans Karani

Kenyans are still shocked the murder of Catherine Nyokabi who was allegedly killed by the lover before her body was badly mutilated.

Ivans Karani, 38, a businessman based in Juja, Kiambu County baffled detectives after allegedly confessing that he murdered his estranged girlfriend on Wednesday last week and dumped her body near a forest hoping it would be eaten by wild animals.

Mr Karani, who runs a transport business and doubles up as a sand broker in Ndarugo, had dated 24-year-old Catherine Nyokabi, a mother of one, for nearly four years but their relationship had been rocked with claims of infidelity with Mr Karani accusing Ms Nyokabi of having an affair with another man.

Desperate and feeling betrayed, Mr Karani reportedly told detectives that, early last week before the murdered happened, he had unsuccessfully tried to convince Ms Nyokabi to delete a photo of the alleged new lover from her phone because it was hurting him.

Mr Karani allegedly said Ms Nyokabi refused to do so, and this is when he start ed hatching a plan to kill her.

He said his first intention was to kill the alleged lover but he later changed his mind. Mr Karani is married to another t woman.On Wednesday evening, the day e Mr Karani executed the murder plot, he called Ms Nyokabi on phone and told her t that he wanted to meet her so that they could iron their differences.

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According to Wanja who spoke to the Standard, in their last phone call Nyokabi said that she was at Juja and all was going on well before her phone was switched off.

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