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Kenya To Undertake Covid-19 Drugs Testing

Job Maangi



The Corona virus disease that first began at Wuhan China has hit the whole world by storm and rendered most sectors of the economy paralyzed, many people have lost jobs, patients have died in large numbers and learning suspended in most counties.

Africa has not been hit with the Corona virus Pandemic as the European countries but preparedness is very important for us to curb the effects of the the disease.

As the world is in a race to get a possible vaccine and drugs that will help in bringing a halt in the number of the cases it is very important for us to prepare for Worst case scenario.

According to a report by the People Daily Newspaper on July 29th, Kenyans are going to gain access to the affordable drugs that cure the Corona virus symptoms.

The drugs shall be provided by the pharmacitical firm called Norvatis which offers 15 generic and over the counter drugs that cure inflammatory and respiratory effects of the the Corona virus disease.

Novartis Sub Saharan head announced that the Drugs will be made available to Non Governmental Organizations and various pharmacies for the patients use.

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