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Brand New Jam By Vikings Music Gang’

Vincent Owino




Viking music has played a big role in the field of gengetone. Viking is founded by young Kenyan youths who has showed their hard work as a generation. 

There are many jams that they had dropped before which had also molded the youths of today and even trained them mentally.

They have showed respect in their field of music making people to love their music even more.

Most of the Kenyan gengetone has got banned due to the dirty terms that at times they use in the music.

Some of them are not representative.

Vikings most music are very representative and no dirty terms.

They just dropped a new jam today which came out as a hit as unexpected. The latest jam “ACHIKA” dropped is very representative and its entertaining.

They have showed their hard work together as a team and this enabling them to produce more entertaining songs.

They have also got productive support from their beloved fans who has enabled their music trend.

Their star artists Caras, once in an interview said that they are much thankful for their fans and all that support.

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He also said that there is another hit song coming which they will drop soon, he said it is a very interesting song that will be a hit than even the once before.

Their performances at the gengetone festival entertained people and this even added them many fans as before.

The young talented artists has been very serious with their music to enable good and quality songs that they produce.

They also use a very quality background for shooting their videos. The background itself is also bringing meaning of the video that they shoot.

“Let’s support our youths. “

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