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Boss Lady Zari Gets Trolled After Sharing This Photos

Melinda Venessa



Zari appears bigger from her current looks because from her previous photos she looked leaner, and we have every reason to blame it on the lockdown since most women just decided to relax their bodies and worry less about their body weights which is quite a good thing because many people now feel refreshed and rejuvenated from the cessation of movements and everyone had to stay at home and even comfortably work from the comfort of their homes.

A 40-year-old Zari also seems to have put on hold her working out routine, going to the gym, and generally keeping her body fit which made her gain too much weight.

But she however seems happy, proud, and confident about it and she’s actually enjoying it. And since she’s aging, she ought not stress herself out about her body size because she’s still a yummy mummy and still looks hot and sexier.

Tanzanian netizens on the flip side on seeing Zari could not let it slide. The online community were all over social media comparing her past and current photos and couldn’t get enough of trolling and bodyshaming a dear Zari.

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Her increase in body weight seems to have taken Tanzania’s internet by storm with some even going ahead to say that her weight gain has left the new Zari looking older and like Diamond’s aunt.

Seeming not bothered by this, Zari is probably planning to start hitting the gym once she gets back to South Africa.

But all in all she’s been taking good care of her body as she flaunts it off to her fans on social media, and she is the only person entitled to her body and how it looks.

She doesn’t have to force herself to become slimmer just to impress fans just because she’s a public figure.

It’s her own body and anyone who feels like they have an opinion to it should work on their bodies first and keep their comments and opinions to themselves.

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