Bongo Singer Lady Jaydee Speaks About Ex-husband Years After Bitter Divorce



Just recently, bongo Singer, Lady Jaydee celebrated her 20 years in the music industry. According to her, it has been a journey full of joy, tears, and above all, good music. While in the music industry, Lady Jaydee narrates to Clouds FM in an interview, how she met with the love of her life, Gardner, with whom they married, and lived together for 9 years. At first, their marriage union seemed to be heading in the right direction. Everything was all colourful and beautiful until her lover started eyeing other women on the side.

This however led to ugly fights and arguments, and the fact that the bongo singer had not yet conceived for her lover Gardner, made things even worse in their marriage. The two later came to a mutual decision of going their separate ways in 2016; a decision Lady Jaydee says she does not regret ever making. Meaning she was contented with the breakup, and is not bitter about the divorce.

Photo; JayDee

“We were married for nine years and were both at fault because we are all humans, and we make mistakes. I cannot speak for him but on my part, I have closed that chapter, and will never go back to him. We are just friends although at first, we feuded, something that happens with divorcing couples. Now we drink wine together. I even know his new lover, and we get along.”

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Lady Jaydee however confirms that she is happy to have walked out of her marriage without a child. “My marriage did not work out. I was not happy at all, and that’s why I decided not to carry on. My husband was cheating on me and had become a drunkard, while I was working so hard, and giving the relationship my all. I am just happy and I thank God I don’t have children with him.”


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