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Bobi Wine Withdraws Elections Petition

Edwine Agesa




Ugandan opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine withdrew his petition challenging the elections results. According to the Daily Monitor on Monday February 22, Bobi Wine cited bias in the Supreme Court.

Bobi Wine claimed that the judges involved with the case were working for the government and could not give the correct judgements for his case.

The National Union Party leader revealed that he had instructed his lawyers to not go forward with the petition they had earlier presented to the Supreme Court.

“We are withdrawing from the courts but we are not opting for violence. We are withdrawing the case from Mr Owiny Dollo’s court,” Wine, who has accused some judges of the court of being biased, said as he announced the withdrawal of his petition.

President Yoweri Museveni and his team had presented 185 affidavits in response to 53 grounds presented by Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

The president lawyers also noted that if Bobi Wine withdrew his petition then he would have to cover all the costs that were incurred during the case.

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Bobi Wine on his end was ready to pay up as he mentioned that some judges he had requested to be removed from the case had refused to recuse themselves.

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