Blow To Education Sector? Cabinet Secretary Given More Powers, See Details


The Education cabinet secretary has now been given more powers after the Cabinet approved changes to the law that.


The education CS has now gained back the power to appoint university vice chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors.
The appointment of the VCs and DVCs had earlier been given to the Public Service Commission (PSC), a move thay saw chaos between the two dockets.


Under the proposed law, the Cabinet Secretary for education will be required to form a selection panel which will only have one repesentative of.
Part of the proposed law states that;
“Where a vacancy occurs in the Office of the Vice Chancellor or Deputy Vice Chancellor of a public university or Principal or Deputy Principal of a constituent college, the Cabinet Secretary shall constitute a selection panel to conduct the recruitment.



In the selection panel,there shall be a chairperson with at least 10 years of experience in leadership and management of public and/or private institutions, representatives of the university council, University Education principal secretary and a private sector representative.


Also in the panel will be two representatives of different genders nominated by the university senate and one person with a background in public finance management.

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In the proposed law,the selection panel shall regulate its own procedure, conduct interviews of the shortlisted applicants, identify three qualified applicants for each vacant position and forward the names to the Cabinet Secretary.


After receiving the names from the panel, the Education CS will appoint one candidate , after which the panel shall be dissolved.
Incase the law will be passed, the chaotic misunderstanding between the Public Service Commission and the university will be put to rest. The bill is expected to be debated and passed in parliament by next week.


The Cabinet Secretary will also have powers to nullify appointments of council chairpersons and even transfer them.


the proposed law also gives the council a mandate to identify suitable persons for appointment by the cabinet secretary.
“Where a vacancy occurs in the office of Chancellor of a public university, the Senate of that university shall, in consultation with the respective alumni association, identify three suitable persons for appointment.”


Additionally, it proposes that each university will have a maximum of three DVCs. Any university with more than three deputy vice-chancellors shall within six months amend its statutes to comply. “Such deputy vice-chancellors shall remain in office until the expiry of their terms of office after which appointments shall be made under this provision,” it reads.

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