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Big News To Farmers After An Award Winning Invention

Casper Wamboko




Organic farmers in USA who don’t use any pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones in their farming have come up with a way to kill weeds using fire. In a process known as flame weeding, a flame throwing equipment is attached in front of the tractor and the farmer drives slowly through the fields.

Flame engineering the company behind the flame throwing equipment stated on their website how flame weeding works. Flame weeding is destroying the cell structure in the plant leaf. The weed will no longer have energy to take part in photosynthesis, taking kill of the weed through the root system. In the process the weed isn’t fully burnt to ashes but dried that the plant dies whole. Flame weeding works even for larger weeds above 6 inches tall. Depending on how established the root system of the weed is, it may take a few days for the weed to completely die. The flame throwing tractor is always on the move, once on the farm, so that the fire is not too concentrated on a single area, to cause the plants to burn.

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By using the process of flame weeding in farming, the weed is gone for good. Unlike when the weed is slashed to the ground leaving the root, to grow again.

Flame weeding is a clean, quick and hassle free way to get rid of weeds, though it may be costly to acquire the equipment. The flame throwing equipment that is attached in front of the tractor is made of a metal rod, filled with funnels to blow the fire and is attached to a tank full of propane to fuel the fire.

The short coming of the flame throwing tractor is that the equipment will need to work on a farm that the crops are planted in a pattern that will be parallel to the flame throwing equipment. If the crops don’t fall parallel to the flame throwing equipment, some crops may get destroyed together with the weeds. The flame weeding tractor may be a nice solution for a large plantation where there are many crops planted in a similar pattern.

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