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Big Loss To President Uhuru Kenyatta As High Court Suspend His Order

Sheila Mmbone



Today the High Court has suspended the President’s order for the government institutions to terminate all engagements with private law firms within 21 days.

He also order the institutions to seek a written approvals from the Attorney general before contracting external lawyers.
Justice John Mativo has stated that the President’s directive was illegal.
Justice Mativo argued with the lawyers and directed that the orders be served on Cabinet Secretaries and Accounting officer’s name government institutions.

PHOTO; President Uhuru Kenyatta

The President’s directive set him on a collision course with lawyers in private practice who will be financially hit if they are locked out of representing government institutions.
President Uhuru Kenyatta also directed all government institutions that have filed court cases against each other to withdraw them within 7 days.

Education CS, George Magoha was among the first to comply with the directive ordering all public learning institutions to terminate engagements with private lawyers that were done without AG’s approval.
LSK sued AG Paul Kihara Kariuki as the government representative.
The LSK will have 15days to file any further affidavit.
The judge will mention the case on October 6 to confirm the parties’ compliance with this directive.
The Communication to government heads didn’t state the reason for the directive but it is believed to be a cost-cutting measure.

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