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Big Blow To Several Bars In This County For Selling Alcohol To School Children

Kevin Ochieng



Photo: Primary Pupils

Schools have been closed and most children are at home spending time watching and doing all the crazy things as their parents are out working.

Photo: Police Vehicle

The idleness has led to many indulging into immorality. Alcohol and drugs, sex and even robbery.

 In Migori county, Suna West Sub-County, several bars are on spotlight for admitting minors into the premises and serving them alcohol.

Photo: Police Vehicle

Speaking to a local radio station,  the chiefs  said that they have already reported the matter to the senior county police officers. However they have accused the officers of being reluctant to take necessary legal action against the operators.

Some of the bars on the spotlight are in the areas of Nyamome in Oruba sub-location.

Speaking to reporters, Migori County Director for Children Services John Odinya confirmed that they have heard of cases where bars are admitting minors into the facilities and serving them alcohol,l. He  added that the matter is still under investigation.

Mr. Jonh Odinya said he is cordinating with the county commissioner to ensure that bars are subjected to necessary legal action.

Additionally, he Mr. Odinya has urged the public to report such entertainment joints that are allowing minors to access their premises so that they can institute legal action against them.

With the long school Holiday ahead, parents and guardians should be more keen on their children and guide watch their actions and movement. Since the holiday tuitions were abolished in Kenya, perhaps the children can be subjected to home studies through online and doing the school assignments.

Private tutors can also be  hired by those parents and tutors who can afford. This will help the in keeping the kids busy and free from alcohol and drug abuse.


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