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Big Blow To Ruto, Uhuru’s Allies Send A Tough Warning

Job Maangi



The proposal to have a bill that intends to have leaders who propagate for the discrimination of certain groups of people on the basis of tribes, social classes and economic status stirred mixed reactions from Kenyans.

In interview with Citizen TV, Rarieda Mp Otiende Amollo, Soy Mp Caleb Kositany and Senator Kimani Wamatangi gave their perspective concerning life.

Otiende Amollo, MP, Rarieda warned that the hustler vs dynasty talk has the potential of creating very dangerous class wars, Kenyans cannot have 58 years of 2 communities leading in a country of 44 communities but you cannot stop people of certain communities from running.

“Hustler vs dynasty narrative is there to create competition to motivate Kenyans to work hard. Hustler narrative is breaking tribal boundaries that bind us, hustler movement is very popular,”Caleb Kositany, MP, Soy asserted.

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua remarked that the word hustler actually means hasara and is not talking of how they will create jobs & improve infrastructure.

Mutua continued to say the hustler narrative has been void in President Kenyatta’s government in solving economic problems, it has been about politics & money.

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Senator Kimani Wamatangi asserted,” existence of hustler narrative is real. Quickest way to get rich is to get to public office, we have had policies that are ignorant to the plight of our people. Policies are made for the mighty & rich. Hustler narrative danger is the perception.”

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