Big Blow To Media Companies If Ruto Elected The President; Robert Alai


Robert Alai the Kenyan bloggers has leaked the fresh details on the major blow to media companies if Deputy President William Ruto became the president of Republic of Kenya followings the general election set to be held in 2022.

In his Statement he penned in social media, Robert Alai reveals the malicious action of Deputy President William Ruto if he will be the Kenya’s President.

According to Alai, If Ruto allowed as the president, media companies will be undermined and opposition Leaders will be Killed.

Alai further affirmed that the private properties will be taken away if DP Ruto become the president of Republic of Kenya.

“If you allow Ruto to be the President of Kenya, media and opposition leaders will be killed while private properties will be taken by force. Magufuli will look like a joker!!!” Robert Alai asserted

Alai Likened DP Ruto’s malicious action like of the president of Tanzania Dr John Magufuli Following the limitation of Media companies in Tanzania.

However, the war against DP William Ruto by his opponents and political enemies has been intensifying as Ruto set to contest for Presidential seat coming 2022.

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Ruto’s Power has been undermined by the government despite of being second in command following the recent action of president Uhuru Kenyatta of withdrawal of presidency to president and Oustering of some DP Ruto’s allies from the government.


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