Big Blow To Matatu Operators As Govt Set To Give New Transport Charges


Simon Kimutai, the National Chairman for Matatu Association has criticised the Energy regulator’s (EPRA) move to increase the prices of petroleum products accusing it of not considering their plight.


Kimutai in an interview, noted that the matatu industry is still obeying the Covid-19 restrictions which has seen the reduction in the earnings of many operators.

He signaled that the operators countrywide will soon give an announcement of new transport charges if the government won’t stop the implementation of the recent increase in prices that was announced on Sunday.

The motorists will pay more for Petrol and Diesel until 14th of April following adjustment by Ksh 7.63 and Ksh 5.75 per litre respectively.

Mr Kimutai requested the president to look for a long-term solution for the matatu operators and said that they have reached the elasticity limit.

The chairman also pointed to the need for the government to stop the Covid-19 rules implementation in the transport sector claiming that they have been incurring loses which has adversely affected the transport sector.

Kimutai explained the need to allow his members to continue with the normal number of passengers if the implementation of the new fuel prices by the government will continue.

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This sentiments have received a backup by the bodaboda operators who also requested the government to consider what they are undergoing, especially during this difficult period of Coronavirus.

Being on a separate side, the bodaboda operators through their Chairman Felix Omondi stated that due to a tight competition, they’ve been experiencing loses hence can’t immediately raise the transport charges to match the new change in prices.

Mr Omondi said due to the country’s high cost of living, they have concluded to sympathise with the clients even at the expense of their businesses.

He has called on the government to permit them at least to operate even at night to help recover the losses experienced due to the change in fuel prices.


Following fuel changes made on Sunday by the energy regulator (EPRA), motorists in Nairobi will have to pay Ksh 122.81 for a litre of Petrol, Ksh 107.66 for diesel and ksh 97.85 for Kerosene.

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