Big Blow To Kenyans As Trump Takes A Tough Action

Kenya’s highly hyped tourism sector is yet again set to receive a major economic hit even as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. This is after the United States government issued yet another travel restriction to its citizens both locally and abroad. In the said directive, US citizens are advised to reconsider their plans, if any, of traveling into the country going forward. This, the directive states, is due to the country’s preparedness in handling Covid-19.

This directive seems to be discouraging US citizens from traveling unto the country even as President Kenyatta recently opened up the country’s airspace. And even though the opening up of Kenya’s airspace came as a relief to tourism players in the country, questions are being asked about Kenya’s approach in dealing with the pandemic. An argument that the US government now seems to be weighing in to.

This comes at a month that had been highlighted by the Ministry of Health as one where the country is likely to reach its peak in terms of infections. A projection that seems to be coming into fruition given the country’s recent spike in new infections. Kenya is now well into thousands of infections, with triple digit figures of new infections being recorded daily. The death tolls as a result of infections have also not been left behind, with the numbers seemingly on the rise day in day out.

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The government is yet to respond to the United State’s travel advisory. At a time when Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has been on the front line in championing for domestic tourism to help industry players stay afloat during this very hard economic times. Previous travel advisories have always been due to terrorism and other related activities. But the onset of Covid-19 now seems to be the biggest challenge currently facing all economies the world over.


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