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Big Blow To Health Workers As County Government Takes A Tough Action



Photo:Oparanya issuing appointment letters at Bukhungu stadium

The county government of Kakamega has today on Monday, 25th January 2021 inducted 61 new health care workers in replacement of those that are on strike.


Speaking during the induction event held at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega, Kakamega county governor H. E. Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya has said that the 50 registered nurses, 8 clinical officers and 3 nutritionists are to offer their services at the Kakamega General Hospital.

He went ahead to condemn the health care workers under strike for putting their selfish interests ahead of serving Kenyans, urging the newly recruited workers to adhere to their professional calling.

“I urge you to strictly adhere to the professional oath that require you to practice your profession with conscience and maintain utmost respect to human life”
In addition, he called upon the striking nurses to respect the court order that declared the one and a half months strike illegal and unconstitutional.

On behalf of other governors, the chairman of governors in Kenya urged the union leaders to engage with respective county governments to call off the strike which has paralyzed most health care services.

“The strike by health care workers has had adverse effects in Kakamega County and the country at large as it has led to crippling of most health care services offered in public hospitals.”

Oparanya stated that most counties have put in place the required measures such as provision of PPEs, insurance covers etc.

” County governments are making frantic efforts to engage union leaders to ensure striking workers resume duty”.

He insisted that the demands the nurses are asking for are to be addressed to the national government rather than the county government.

“The demands made by striking workers are supposed to be meet by the national government and not the county government”.

Oparanya therefore urged the striking nurses to ignore the unions demand to continue striking stating that the county governments are their employers and not the union leaders.

“I urge hem to ignore the officials, because they are not their employers, and resume duty”.

He commanded a disciplinary action to be taken on those workers that will continue to strike, as he stated that 90 more health care workers will be recruited in march to add on those inducted today.

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