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Big Blow To All Learners As Worrying Details Emerges Following Schools Reopening On Monday

Edwine Agesa



Photo: Student wearing face mask in class

Kenyan parents will be forced to dig deeper into their pockets while purchasing face masks for their children who are heading back to school. This is because masks prices have shot up significantly due to the high demand.

Learners are required to report back to school beginning Monday and a face mask is one of the most sought after addition to the already expensive shopping they will need.

A normal face mask had been going for a mere Ksh 5 at Muthurwa market but right now they are selling for not less than Ksh 30. This means that parents who are willing to buy them in bulk will have to part with more coins.

The Ministry of Health had announced that the government would provide at least 3 million face masks to learners but the program only covers needy students. This means that most of the school going children will not be covered.

As the nation awaits for an address from President Uhuru Kenyatta, parents are already rummaging the streets in a last minute rush to get their children ready for school.

The President is expected to announce an end to the normal curfew which most Kenyans are excited about. The 10pm to 4am curfew has been in effect for the last 60 days and is rumoured to be number one on the cancellation list.

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Other restrictions that are expected to be removed are social distancing rules while traveling. The transport industry has taken a hit due to having to ferry less passengers. All stakeholders will be waiting to see if the president has some good news for them.

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