Big Blow As President Uhuru’s Office Threated Setting Occupants In Panic


Social Media is used by majority individuals to express their ideas and pass information. However, some use it to succeed hate speech and incitement with fake remarks.

Bold warning has been sent to social media users asking them to use social media appropriately and effectively and respect each other regardless of the level.

Social Media has put a 22 year old man in trouble who used social media to Threat president Uhuru Kenyatta’s office. It’s reportedly the man is in court for posting statement in his Facebook account that threatens the office of the president.

Simon Muchiri who is a 22 year old was Accused for misusing his account by publishing remarks that threaten peace of the office of the president and the people who occupy it.

The remarks posted tends to create a sense of tension to the president office that’s against to the law.

Social Media users are warned to post relevant remarks that doesn’t emerge any threat or tension.

However, failure to adhere to stipulated laws governing social media, an action will be taken against those violating rules.

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