Between Aden Duale And Amos Kimunya, Who Fits As Majority Leader? Questions Arise

PHOTO: Aden Duale(left) and Amos Kimunya (right)

One day after the ouster of Garissa Township Contituency MP Aden Duale as Jubilee party Majority Leader in the National Assemblyand replaced by Kipiriri MP Amos Kimunya, questions have emerged of who is the best in handling such high position in the National Assembly. This comes after the changes were made in the party under the control of the party Leader President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a tweet pinned by a fierce Kenyan Peter Kariuki, he asserted that their party leadership is now at the safe hand after the changes that marked the end Garissa township Constituency MP Aden Duale as the Majority Party leader in the National Assembly. In changes made, Kipiriri MP Amos Kimunya took over as the newly elected Majority Leader in the National Assembly.

However, In his tweet, fierce Kenyan Peter Kariuki further paused a question of who can fit the position well between the oustered Aden Duale and newly elected Amos Kimunya.

“Now that Garissa town MP Aden Duale have been removed as the jubilee party majority leader and replaced by Kipiriri MP Amos Kimunya now our party leadership is in safe hands. Anyway who do you think fits well in the position. Rt for Duale, Like for Kimunya,” Peter Kariuki pinned

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However, Aden Duale had been Serving as the party’s Majority Leader in the National Assembly over the last seven years. Aden Duale was the first MP elected as Jubilee party Majority Leader in the National Assembly under Article 108 of the new Constitution of 2010.

He served for the first term of Jubilee Government’s leadership that marked 5 years and he was serving in the second term.

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