Best Places To Visit In Kenya As a Local Tourist


Kenya is one of the most tourist attraction sites in Kenya. The tourism sector has flourished immensely and is one of the best in East Africa.

The outbreak of corona virus however has been a major factor to the downfall of this sector. Kenya mainly depended on external tourists who are limited in the entrance to the country due to Covid restrictions.

The government has however embarked on promoting local tourism instead in an attempt to save the sector from dying. And here are some of the best places to visit this year.

1. Maasai Mara

The Mara plain is endowed with different species of wildlife. The park is also famous for the yearly Wildebeest migrations to and from the country.

2. The Coastal Beaches

Kenya’s coast is one of the best in East Africa and one of the best in Africa. Marine activities like Swimming, surfing as well as luxurious fishing is good in the coast. Personal adventures as well are good with a number of islands on the indian ocean.



3. The Mount Kenya

People who endeavor in hiking and mountain climbing can visit the Mount Kenya region. The slope is ideal for climbers too.

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These are just some of the great places, but if you decide to tour the country there are a lot of best places as well if you want to tour.


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