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BBI The Hindrance To Ruto’s 2022 Bid

Lamech Bwabi



Photo: The Former prime minister Raila Odinga at a past function
The deputy president William Ruto has found himself in trouble more than once after the relationship with Jubilee party leader Uhuru Kenyatta distorted. His allies and  himself havr blamed the Building Bridges Initiative for bringing in rifts and wrangles. The popular handshake resulted to the BBI where president Kenyatta involved former prime minister and opposition leader Rail a Odinga to the government for the unity of Kenyans. This was after political temperatures rose and threatened to divide the country and lead to ethnic animosity.
Since the handshake, the talk or politics have been revolving around the whole issue of BBI and Ruto believes that this has hindered the government from meeting the big four agenda. Nobody is aware of what the initiative is all about but from a common argument it is constitutional reforms i.e a referendum.This became the focal point of all Discussions attracting views from top government officials and even some ministers found themselves concentrating in them.
Photo: Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto at a past function
With this, people forgot their roles as officials neglecting their duties due to the BBI campaigns. Raila Odinga and his team had toured most of the regions in the country pushing for the success of the initiative. This means that money was spend because a function like that that attracted top leaders needed a plan. Tito and his allies have been criticizing  the campaigns claiming that it is a waste of reaources and the country is not ready to go into a referendum.
Powerful positions
Among the proposals by the initiative, a referendum will mean that the constitution is changed to create more powerful positions in government. Among them is the office of a prime minister who will be leading the government and his two deputies. Ruto’s confidants alleged that this was a way for the former prime minister to get into power and the current president also remain in power after his term ends. However both of them have rubbished the claims stating that it is for the benefit of Kenyans.
The BBI has also brought together Uhuru and Raila neglecting the dp. Falla has been invited in most state functions where the do failed and discussed many things with the president. This led to both sides attacking each other some of Ruto’s Allie feeling that it is Raila who disorganized their house.

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