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BBI Set To Change Politics In Kenya

Lamech Bwabi



Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta with the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga
No one knew what is in the report but some people were ready to support it while others oppose it. The Building Bridges Initiative full report was given to President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga who have asked Kenyans to read and understand it for it is not for their gain as it was earlier claimed. Ruto and his camp have been accusing the president and former prime minister for planning to use the initiative to remain in power but the two rubbished the allegations.
As it has been on the ground, the war has been between dynasties and huslers. No with the BBI there are the proposers and opposer’s. According to the report, there are more positions that should be created to ensure equal representation and avoid ethnic animosity which have mostly been associated with desire for power. The BBI main talking point is creation of the office of the prime minister and two of his deputies who will be in charge of parliament and cabinet secretaries. He is to be appointed by the President who will be elected and approved by parliament.
Photo: Deputy President Dr William Ruto at a past function
This now calls for a referendum where some of the articles in the constitution have to be changed. Some of Ruto’s supporters and confidants like Gatundu South mp Moses Kuria have sworn to reject any referendum before the next general elections which are coming in the next two years. According to them, the country has no funds to run the whole process now that the economy has been succumbed by the pandemic.
Pressure is being mounted on the two leaders on what is their aim with the initiative. Raila is understood to have been desiring to lead the country despite failing in some of his attempts. The president despite serving in his last term, led by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli, he said that the president is to young to retire and at least a post should be created for him. Therefore this led to the allegations that Rail a for presidency and Uhuru will be appointed prime minister.
The national politics are expected to shift fro the hustler tours now to BBI rallies as began by the two pioneers who began in Kisumu. The report is expected to be given to county assemblies then the national assembly after which it will be determined if the country will go for a referendum or not.

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