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BBI And Handshake Are Mega Corruption Schemes; Fresh Details Outbursts

Webster Momanyi



PHOTO: David Ndii
Renown economist has leaked detailed information, opining on how president Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister’s  come together  was a mega corruption  scheme.
This comes days after the kenyan political  landscape  was twisted by president  uhuru kenyatta and former  prime  minister Raila Odinga, in a  memorial  handshake that literary  ‘gave birth’ to Building  Bridges Initiative porpulary known as BBI, after  the 2017 general elections.
In a tweet, David Ndii, a former close ally to Raila Odinga and the NASA coalition  strategist, indicated that the Building Bridges Initiative  was a planned constitutional  change game trick that  saw buying  of Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga to facilitate  it.
‘the most egregious corruption in Kenya today is the buying of Raila Odinga to Mutilate  the constitution of kenya (2010). There’s  no greater enabler  of corruption and impunity writ large than restoration of imperial  presidency,  emasculated  judiciary and a dynasty eat and let eat oligarchy, ‘ said Ndii.
In response to a reaction  in his tweet,  Ndii said that the handshake  has substantially sidelined and created a political  crack, pushing away even the deputy president Dr. William Ruto, discarding beliefs that the constitutional reforms would be for unifying Kenyans.
Ruto is not a saint or a revolutionary, he’s  been a crooked, ruthlessly  ambitious  politician even a warlord. We know that. He did not chose to be where  he is,  he’s  being pushed there by Uhuru/ Raila. But peace is made by combatants. I don’t consider  myself a nice person  either.” David Ndii asserted

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