Baringo Hospital On The Spot For The Death Of Seven Newborn Babies


A controversy is surrounding the deaths of newborn babies which is seven in number at the Baringo County Hospital after an incubator they were in was allegedly set on a temperature too high.

The nursery is reported to have been under the watch of interns claims which the hospital management is soundly denying, saying there are no records to prove that the facility’s nursery was under interns.

The management dismissed the reports as badmouthing saying they are meant to tarnish the name of the institution making it to look bad.

Mary Panga, the Baringo Health executive said she wasn’t aware of any death of an infant under such circumstances and refused to be engaged into the conversation concerning the deaths or even shortage of medical staff in the county.

However, the interviews with sources within the hospital, both staff and relatives who are direct or indirect victims of the circumstances, disclosed that five deaths among the seven were reported on Saturday while the remaining two happened on Monday.

Four women who lost their babies were quickly discharged after signing some forms on Monday while one who had lost twins was still at the hospital yesterday.

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The hospital workers whose identity is concealed revealed to the Media that during the time of the incident, interns from a medical institute were the ones handling expectant mothers and their babies due to the shortage of staff.

One woman who delivered last Thursday confirms to be an eyewitness of the death of the babies in the incubator.

A man who paid a visit to his sister-in-law at the facility after delivering twins, was still in shock since he learned of the death of the infants.

He accuses the hospital for the deaths, stating that no one was willing to explain to the family what caused the death of the twins.

The journalist managed to enter into the facility but couldn’t take pictures because the security guards were instructed not to allow any photographers in the maternity ward.

Visitors who were going to the maternity ward were thoroughly searched before being allowed in.

One man who was visiting his wife claimed he came across a woman who is one among those who had lost a baby complaining to the nurses.

From the interviews done at the facility, it appeared that the women were from different areas of the same county.

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Efforts to collect more information concerning the hospital records did not bear fruits because the management had hide all their records of births and deaths from the maternity ward.

The County facility has been experiencing a great shortage of doctors and nurses for a longer period of time and this situation has in a big way affected service delivery.

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