Barack Obama’s Account Hacked

Photo: President Barack Obama is photographed during a presidential portrait sitting for an official photo in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

American citizens woke up to sad news as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian twitter accounts were hacked by people who wanted to get Bitcoin donations from unsuspecting customers.

“Twitter accounts belonging to prominent people who Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian were #hacked to solicit bitcoin donations,” Reuters twitted.

Barack Obama supporters protested the action against the former president of the republic of America as they said that it was unacceptable to intimidate him as he had served then faithfully.

“Why none of the accounts from administration or their associates got hacked? Do they have a safe pass or their passwords are complicated to hack or they have good anti hacking software. Looks like mission accomplished and someone is having a hearty laugh,” Chinamatur remarked.

However, what caught the attention of many netizens it is the move by a Kenya to protest against the move by the hackers to use Obama’s account.

“So the most prominent and influential people got Twitter accounts hacked for little amount of bitcoin???the hacks had nothing to do with trump’s executive order yesterday on china??? I find it hard to believe that China wasn’t sending a message with those hacks..” Ill Chemist tweeted.

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Bonnie urge Twitter to hire him to be a liaison with the infosec community (which uses twitter prolifically) to avoid this shit, and to get word out to powerusers in events like this and revealed that their security account hasn’t tweeted since 2018.



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