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Bahati’s Leaked Love Messages To Weezdom Sparks Reactions

Melinda Venessa



Brotherly relationships are good because they help you to build one another but things shouldn’t go overboard, and that’s where boundaries have to be drawn.

Recently, gospel singer Bahati and Weezdom have been on the headlines and trending for the wrong reason. We can all agree that for both of them to be where they are today, they have held each other’s hands and stood up for each other just to succeed and make it in the industry with Weezdom being under Bahati’s record label EMB and Bahati mentoring him just to see him grow as a person and as an artist and scaling greater heights in the gospel music industry.

With the two in stable unions with their better halves, their relationship is currently being questioned by netizens after a thread of their intimate chats surfaced online and have since gone viral sparking mixed reactions with many questioning what the two are upto. It has been revealed that during Marua’s exquisite birthday party that went down at Maiyan Villas in Nanyuki, Bahati revealed or rather opened up that there was a point he had taken in many orphaned children just to take care of them to a point that Weezdom had to be his houseboy.

Since then, their relationship has grown tremendously to being BFFs to an extent that whenever Bahati hosts any event with almost all being private, Weezdom is never absent. Weezdom even disclosed that Bahati frequently visits his place that neighbors never doubt anything going on between the two. Their leaked intimate chats has however raised eyebrows.

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