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Bahati In Hot Soup For Defending DJ Mo Over His Cheating Allegations

Wendy Lessa



With all the drama going on between DJ Mo and Size 8 no one really knows of what is to come next from the power couple. Well the whole world is pointing fingers at DJ Mo except one man, the one and only Bahati “mtoto wa Diana” With all the leaked evidence going round on social media of DJ Mo’s mistress Bahati still had the audacity to defend him telling him to keep his head up and soldier on and even went ahead to involve God in it saying that God will continue to give him strength to soldier on in his troubles.

His post received its fair share of critics because what DJ Mo did was wrong and he deserves to be condemned for it ,we are not sure why Bahati said that but it was as if he their marriage problem is part of God’s plan which is so disrespectful especially coming from a married man.
Bahati has also been on the list of of celebrities who were allegedly unfaithful to their wives but he dismissed those claims but after his post all I can say is birds of the same feather flock together and Diana should put a leash on his man before he becomes the next topic on the tea master Edga Obare.
Not saying Bahati is unfaithful but what are the odds if the Murayas have been together longer and look at them now. We would hate to see such a beautiful couple breakup just because his man could not keep it in his pants. And this goes to Bahati never bring God when we are talking about infidelity because he was not there when DJ Mo was was banging his mistress .

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