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Bad News To Kenya Christians

Edwine Agesa



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A USA based organization ranked Kenya number 49 out of 50 countries where it is hard to live as a Christian. The organization called Open Doors released the list putting a spotlight on Kenya.

The ranking came as a surprise especially putting in mind that majority of Kenyans are Christians. The research, however, painted a different picture.

Kenya was the only East African country on the list that had the likes of Somalia, Nigeria, and Libya as other African countries.

The persecution was prevalent in Northeast and Coastal parts of the country. It was also disclosed that most of these cases came when Christians from a Muslim family tried to proclaim their new faith.

Organised crime was also a deal breaker for Christians especially with the radicalization of youth. Militia groups such as Alshabaab attacked Christians in these regions for what was disclosed as abandoning their original faith.

Somalia is the highest ranking African country taking the third spot on the list. Nigeria, which has the most killings and attacks from Boko Haram, comes in at number 9.

Church life for Christians was nonexistent in Somalia according to Open Doors. This is because Islam is the predominant faith in the country.

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North Korea continues to take the top spot for the 20th year running.

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