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Bad News! Sonko Is No More; Six Plans To Finish Sonko Leaks

Daniel Mutuva



Photo: Former oustered Nairobi governor Mike Sonko

As allegations to oustered Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko intensfy, fresh details has emerged on the set plans to snap him as the fight against him escalate. Mike Sonko was impeached from office due to gross misconduct, abuse of office and failure to sign projects’ budget. Sonko heavily accused President Uhuru Kenyatta behind his fight that led to his ouster.

On the basis of reports, six plans has been set against Mike Sonko that might led his confiscation to Kamiti Maximum prison.

According to details, the first move is terrorism. This is one of the most serious charges against the former governor and has caught many be suprise. The second one is assult where complaints have already sworn affidavits claiming that he assulted them during a fracas in the city.

Another charge is Corruption where detective are pointing through documents from his tenure at city hall to prove claims of craft. Sonko gas been linked to defamation were a senior government official has started civil proceeding against against the Former governor but the court has not kicked of the case yet.

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Oustered Nairobi boss has been Accused for misuse of electronic gadgets where his posting on social media especially Facebook , could be used against him on accusions of stoking anarchy.

Mike Sonko is in trouble as details of escaping from prison emerges. It’s claimed that Sonko didn’t complete his term in jail at Shimo la Tewa where he had been imprisoned and authorities are keen to send him back.

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