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Bad News? All Learners To Be Send Home Under This Tough Condition [Opinion]

Daniel Mutuva




Despite of schools Reopening, there’s only one tough condition that might led to close up all educational institutions and Learners send back to home.


Due to spike in covid-19 pandemic, the government of Kenya had closed down all education institution in a bid of combating further spread of covid-19.

However, details has emerged that schools might be closed again and all leaners let to go home if covid-19 spike endangering life of children in school.


This is the only tough condition that will force the ministry of education to shift date of reopening up to when the curve will flatten if the pandemic intensfy.


The ministry of education in conjunction with the government affirmed to ensure that Students in school are safe though observing covid-19 containment measures by regularly washing their hands, keeping social distance, banning of sports activity amongest schools, and regular measuring of temperature amongest leaners.


However, social distance in school seema to be a major blow due to inadequate of facilities.

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