Bad News Again! Magoha Admits School Not Ready For Resumption

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Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha. On Monday, January 4 2020 he insisted that some schools would not receive more learners.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha admitted that some schools were not ready for resumption of learning. Speaking at Olympic Primary School in Kibra on January 4 2021, Magoha noted that the school was not ready to host learners.

“This school cannot receive back all its students due to the social distancing regulations. I will have to ask for more desks in order to actualize the Health Ministry guidelines, ” Magoha mentioned while at the school.

The Cabinet Secretary also had some devastating news to parents while touring schools in the region. George Magoha maintained that schools will have to find ways to avoid overcrowding.

“Some parents will have to find schools for their children so that we achieve social distancing and avoid being in close contact, ” Magoha reported.

Parents would be required to find other schools meaning a shift and new environment for their children. This would be a headache for most of them who are already struggling with fees and other amenities.

The lack of enough preparation from schools and Education Ministry is being witnessed in most learning institutions. The social distancing nightmare and making sure there is enough running water are the main issues affecting schools with the resumption of learning.

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School fees, masks and Sanitizers are already causing headaches to most parents and finding schools for their children will be haunting.

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