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Babu Owino “Kunyongwa” For What He Did To DJ Evolve Following The Painful Times He’s Undergoing: Chaos Outbursts

Daniel Mutuva



Chaos has emerged after revealing the painful moment DJ Evolve is undergoing. DJ Evolve was shot by Embakasi MP Babu Owino in one of the night club in Nairobi. This emerges after DJ Evolve’s mother was being interviewed by NTV explaining the difficult time they are going through following the incident. DJ Evolve Is Under still treatment in hospital.

However, Chaos has emerged following the inhumane tragedy Succeeded by MP Babu Owino. Diverse claims has emerged of taking a tough action towards Babu Owino and seeking justice to be done. In the tweets pinned, it has been Accused for letting Babu Owino to walk free instead of arrest.

PHOTO: DJ Evolve

Here are are terrible Reactions against Babu Owino;

” Kunyongwa irudishwe Babu Anyongwe,,It’s painful seeing what DJ Evolve is going through,,,may his mother’s tears hunt you Babu forever. May God punish you Babu ,,our prayers are with DJ Evolve and his family,” Marion Mandy reacts

” We Kenyans understands that Justice is always served to the Higher bidder ,,Babu Owino ruined #DjEvolve life yet He’s still walk and freely with cold sweat #DJEvolveSpeaks. We should also seek justice for our own DJ Evolve like we did for George Floyd,” Eddy Shan Outbursts

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” #DJEvolve needs better medication to get back on his feet. Instead of emotions ,put up a PAY BILL NO for #DJEvolve then let the court deal with Babu,” Hilda Mutesh reacts

” Ya’ll are speaking about his situation like there is no justice system, tweeting is not enough. It’s high time we Kenyans come together , march on the streets and let our voices be heard. Hii maneno ya ku tweet tu then after a week it goes silent does not help,” mudesky reacts

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