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Babu Owino Gives Businesspersons Hope For Prosperity

Cornelius Mukhovi



Paul Ongili Owino,famously known as Babu Owino is a Kenyan politician and member of the National Assembly for Embakasi East Constituency. His fame begun during his tenure as the chairperson of Students Organisation of the Nairobi University.


Babu Owino, having quite a number of followers in his social media platforms, uses this as an advantage to help those willing to sell their services through the social media by advertising on their behalf. Paul Ongili has actually set a good example to others who are in position to help people sell their products and services in the social media. In a photo he posted a day ago, Babu Owino advertised a certain shop selling clothes in his instagram account.


There is a lady in a red outfit showing the kind of clothes being sold at fnmbrand shop. In the post,he captioned, “If you want sassy,mouth watering looks,slaying and hitting the G spot of someones heart. Shop @fnmbrand. From this post,many other individuals got a chance to ask for favours to advertise their products through Babu Owino. An example is a comment from millykwatch who commented,

PHOTO: MP Babu Owino

“Mheshimiwa mimi pia do for me market am selling kitchen stuff….” From his current position politically, Babu Owino shows the act of humility to help others in lower positions to enable them raise their standards of living.

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From political point of view,many may say it is because he wants favor from the voters because it is barely two years to the next general elections,which may be true but at the same time is helping the people in need. Viva Babu Owino!

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