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Babu Owino Faces Expulsion From ODM Party

Babu Owino Faces Expulsion From ODM Party


Embakasi East Member of Parliament caused public uproar after reports emerged that he allegedly shot city Disk Jockey Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve.
What has angered many people is the fact that the former Nairobi University Students president is still walking around town free as if nothing happened.

The recent occurance where his father made an outcry that Babu Owino has not been taking good care of the ailing and suffering Felix Orinda stired an outcry from the common mwananchi.
Babu Owino has been dealt a big blow after ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna asserted that if Babu Owino is truely found guilty, they will have no option but to expel him from the party.

Photo: ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna

During an interview with Spice Fm Edwin Sifuna said,“Our code of conduct is very clear. Once you are found guilty of a crime we will expel you from the Party.”
However, Sifuna warned Kenyans against associating the Orange Democratic party with Babu Owino’s actions and he revealed that Babu Owino will have to take his personal responsibility for his actions.

“We need as a country; this is the broader conversation of BBI. What is our national ethos? How is it that if someone misconducts themselves in their private lives, they feel the shame that they cannot hold public office and resign. We need to get there as a country,”ODM secretary general said.

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He said that it is high time for Kenya to reach a point where if a person misconducts himself or herself in public, they are free to step down and take responsibility for their actions if they feel guilty of holding public office.


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