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Dating A Married Man

Shadrack Olaka



Many women do not have the habit of dating married men but some end up being the ”other woman” in a relationship.
There are more serious issues involved in a toxic triangle of man, the wife and the other lady.
The following are the four dangers and heartbreaking consequences of dating a married man.
1. Not be able to have a healthy relationship
You will not be able to receive that emotional and practical sense that comes with a healthy relationship from him. Chances are, you might end up being his bean bag where he collapses to forget his issues.
2. The half truths and lies will drain you
Fact is that you will only be getting a partial perspective of what exactly transpired between the couple. Maybe you should consider the countless lies he has to tell the wife just to cover up your relationship with him.
3. He will never leave his wife
You have been in a relationship with him for so long and he still hasn’t left his wife and he does not seem to get rid of the ” horrible woman ” he is tired of. Think and think again.
He will give you great excuses that will melt your heart but the fact is you’ll be forever be the ” other woman ” in the relationship.
4. You are missing out on a real relationship
The amount of sacrifices in terms of energy and time you are investing in this dead-end relationship is just to much and not worth it.
Neither will get a good life nor have children with him. Most women who have been with a married man have regretted at a later stage of their lives for wasting a lot of valuable time and now it is too late for them to find the right guy.

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