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Apple gets Fans Excited with a New Watch Series

Edwine Agesa



Photo: New Apple Watch

Apple is set to launch a new Apple Watch that has its users in high spirits. According to MacRumors on Monday January 25, a new Apple Watch series is already in the works.

The Tech giant revealed some details about the new product and even went ahead to name it. The product was termed as Apple WatchOS 7.3 beta with its launch set to be in the near future.

This is in line with the Apple Fitness Plus which helps it’s users work out better. The new watch will do just that but with an added feature that has fans excited.

Apple will now introduce a new Time to Walk feature on the watch. This is an audio experience that will be an added advantage during a workout session.

Users will be able to select their type of workout and get guests do their timed audios. These audios will involve significant people telling stories to the users as they workout.

A video that has since been deleted had mega star Shawn Mendes as one of the guests on the timed audio.

The Apple Fitness Plus was launched in December 14 2020 in time for people with resolutions to get fit in the new year.

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