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Anxiety As Comedians Eddie Butita And Mammito Expectant Of Their First Child

Brian Sunguti



Sensational comedian and rib cracker Eddie Butita has yet again set the entertainment scene awash with speculations. Eddie and his wife and fellow comedian Mammito are an inseparable couple who have continuously treated Kenyans with lots of couple goals, albeit with discretion. Given their nature of work in the laugh industry, the two have perfected the art of keeping their love and relationship life private and to themselves. They know what to show off on social media and what not to show off and keep private to themselves.


Having been engaged for quite some time now, Eddie and Mammito have now become some sort of ‘Jay Z and Beyonce’ of the Kenyan laugh industry. A tale of love at first laugh (pun intended) as they manoeuvre through their daily lives as comedians.

They both have been part of the wider community of comedians on Churchill show, with Butita prominently featuring on popular Tv show The Trend. They have worked with and/or been featured by some of the big names in the laugh industry, making them two forces to reckon with. 

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And it has now emerged that the two could just be expecting their first child together after years of love and affection. Instagram went live today on Eddie Butita’s account when he posted a speculative picture that sent his fans and followers on gossip mode.

The picture was that of lots of balloons, with a caption “Its A Human.” Whereas it may just seem like any other photo and caption to many, netizens took it as a hint from Eddie that Mammito may just be expectant of their first child. The comments that ensued underneath the said post were of curious fans and followers wanting to know whether the two were indeed expecting a baby.

Both Eddie and Mammito however remained silent, leaving their followers to join the dots and fill in the blanks themselves. But be it as it may, a child may truly be a double blessing to a couple who’s career path has so far been a huge success. Their fans and followers would be keenly waiting for the official confirmation from the two on whether it is a boy or a girl, or even twins. But in the mean time we can only wait with anxiety.

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