Angry President Uhuru Stops A Plan To Save Ruto And Betray Raila

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta

“Nobody can stop the BBI,” said president Kenyatta echoing Raila’s sentiments that nobody can stop reggae.Their has been speculations that the handshake has fallen and Raila and Uhuru are no longer together. These was evident in parliament seatings as the two parties disagreed over sharing committee roles.
Uhuru has come out and rubished all claims that he is not supporting the BBI and has betrayed former prime minister Raila Odinga.

It is understood from an anonymous source that the president held a meeting with his party members inattendance being speaker Justin Muturi and Kipipiri mp Amos Kimunya who is also the majority leader. The president was furious at the majority leader and speaker for hesitating to implement changes and deny party disloyalties who are the confidants of the deputy president roles.

Murathe as he is used to making huge claims said, “The party is ours. They can not decide for us what to do. If they are not comfortable with the handshake let them quit.” ODM confidants wanted the roles to be shared equally after Ruto’s men were dewhipped but Kimunya preserved some top roles for them including budget and planning committee.

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Those who were dewhipped included Kikuyu mp, Kimani Ichugwa, Kandara mp Alice Wahome among other allies of the dp.
President Kenyatta wanted to know why Kimunya was so reluctant reading the changes and not posting those affected by the changes in the committee.It is alleged that his excellency warned against some names being given committee roles like Kikuyu mp Ichungwa who has been a critic of the handshake and defendant of Ruto.

Former outspoken Jubilee vice chair David Murathe had it rough as the president responded to his recent sentiment’s. His excellency insisted on his unity with Raila in an attempt to unite the nation and end ethnic animosity.He claimed that the handshake is strong and no one can stop the Building bridges initiative.


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