Angry Kirinyaga MCA’s Ready To Dissolve The County Assembly


Embattled Kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru faces another threat as Kirinyaga members of county assembly vow to bring him down”Tumeamua sai in kufa dereva kufa makanga,” that easily translates to lose the driver and the conductor. The furious MCA’s have vowed to dissolve Kirinyaga county government for they are against the governor.

The county assembly had managed to table an impeachment motion that was supported by twenty three of it’s members but the senate later came to the rescue.Waiguru has been accused of embezzling public funds, abuse of office and gross misconduct among many other allegations by the members of the assembly.

The county Assembly showed loss of confidence in Waiguru and wanted her impeached.There attempt to send the embattled governor home failed when senate majority leader Irungu Kang’ata managed to convince the house not to use plenary(every member participates) but a selected committee.The eleven member committee consisted of majority senators supporting the handshake and thus it is believed the handshake saved her.

COTu secretary general Francis Atwoli had also urged senators to rescue Waiguru for the sake of Building Bridges Initiative(BBI).After her Clarence, Waiguru said she has forgiven the MCA’s but still the grudge was in existence. He used his power to cut some of them their salaries and also the county budget faced a lot of difficulties and is still not approved.
The angry MCA’s declared that they will not tire to file impeachment motions against the government.

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Nor for she is misusing office. One of them said they will file even if it’s twenty times and the senate still clears her. They have now taken another path where all of them are ready to lose their seats so that the governor also loses her.

They have begun collecting signatures to dissolve the county Assembly which if the minimum requirement is met, then the whole county will be send back to elections.Residents have also expressed their dissatisfaction with Waiguru through demonstration and if the signatures will be verified, then she will pack and go home.
Her competitor, Martha Karua also had her say wanting the governor to leave office.If the elections are to be held again, then Karua will be in the ballot against Waiguru in another angle.

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