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Angry Kenyans Hitted Back To Miguna Miguna For Condemning Late Evans Gicheru

Daniel Mutuva



Photo: Exiled Lawyer Miguna Miguna

Following the demise of former Chief Justice Evans Gicheru, various leaders and Kenyans have been sending their condolences to his family in remembrance of his remarkable work during his reign as the chief Justice in Former president Mwai Kibaki’s time.


However, the exiled Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has expressed a controversial sktatement against late Evans Gicheru for what he did while the chief Justice. Expressing his controversial condolence, Miguna Miguna wished Gicheru to rest in eternal shame.


Miguna was ungered on how the conmen are hailing Gicheru as a man of intergrity even though his only memory for Gicheru is disgraceful following his action in swearing in Former president Mwai Kibaki at night on December 30,2007 that sparked off the 2007/2008 post Election violence in Kenya as Miguna Affirmed. He further added for Late Evans Gicheru to rest in eternal shame.

PHOTO: Former Chief Justice late Evans Gicheru

“Go in Peace, Evan Gicheru. Conmen are hailing you as a man of integrity even though my only memory of you is that DISGRACEFUL swearing-in of Mwai Kibaki at night on December 30, 2007, which SPARKED OFF the 2007/8 POST-ELECTION VIOLENCE in Kenya. Rest in Eternal Shame!,” Miguna Miguna outbursted

However, angry Kenyans have reacted to Miguna Miguna controversial statement stating that it’s a constitutional right for the chief Justice to swear-in the president and not to declear him the winner. They further reminded him for what he did following the swearing in of Opposing leader Raila Odinga as the people’s president in January 30, 2018. Here are the reactions;

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gainn follower: “We will remember you was about to swore in baba and about to spark the nation into flames too general the truth is that u was for true side bt he abndond u and joind the table while I are in exile bt meanwhile we are waiting you next city governor. U like to Stand with truth.”


Steve Ósvaldoh: “Now , you too did a swearing on January 30 2018, which sparked the closure of the biggest media houses in town, plus the commotions experienced that day.Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy what makes the difference between you and him,,? Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Birds of the same feather,,”


Fred: “Condolences are for the living,,, the dead are gone and cannot hear what we say. Any good things said about the deceased is to assuage the pain of those left behind. Whatever evil they did is now left to the almighty to judge.”

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